Change in %ge= (Final value- Initial Value)*100/(Initial value)

Successive percentage increase / decrease formula= a+b+ab/100

where A and b are the respective %ages. If its decrease take the variable a or b as negative.


Profit and Loss Terminology

CP= Actual Cost price of the product

SP=Price at which company wants to sell

MP= Marked price of the product

Discount= MP-SP

Profit= SP-CP







Manual Testing

1.)  What is Blackbox testing. What are its advantages?

Blackbox testing is a  testing approach in which the tester doesnt need to be aware of the internal workings of the code.


Tester and coder are independant

no additional knowledge required for the test in terms of code.

Tests are done from end user point of view

Tests are reproducible.


  • Decision table testing.
  • All-pairs testing.
  • Equivalence partitioning.
  • Boundary value analysis.
  • Cause–effect graph.
  • Error guessing.

Free MOOCs? Forget about it.

Coursera Junkie

Remember the halcyon days when MOOCs (massive, online open courses) were going to revolutionize the world, eliminating barriers of class and geography that were preventing hardworking, intelligent people from receiving—and benefitting from—an education?

Over the past month, Coursera has quietly implemented a huge policy change that gives up on that dream.

It will no longer be offering free Statements of Accomplishment to students who successfully complete (pass) Coursera courses.

If you’re a student who wants to share your achievement with current or potential employers, you’ll have to pay for that certificate.

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Episode VIII – A Hope Rekindled

After a long period of intense gloom and chaos in the galaxy, a new hope has emerged to bring balance to the force. This new hope is not a Jedi but a Giant, whose initials literally mean Bull Shit.

The Dark Lord Potter, although still seduced by the dark side and has a disdain for the light, has begun to wonder why he is so afraid of the light.

The galaxy is collectively holding its breath, to see whether the Giant will be able to make the Dark Lord see the light and bring balance to the force, or will this be another false hope….

Cheesiness Personified

The first time I laid my eyes,
heart skipped a beat
Although it was a treat to my brain
Body was in full blown retreat

For before me lay the beast
which was begging me to start the feast
Behold the cheese max crunch dominos pizza
and the extra cheese which was applied
at the sight of it, my heart died
and my brain was content
for it was cheesiness personified